Zrnovska Banja

Villa Conte is located in the small village of Zrnovska Banja.

Zrnovska Banja is a large bay further along the road from Korcula Old Town towards Racisce, passing by Strecica bay and Medvidnjak. It got its name after the village of Zrnovo (up the hills from Zrnovska Banja) and “bathing” (in Croatian “Banja” means “Bath” so the name describes the place to enjoy bathing).

Zrnovska Banja used to be a non urbanized bay where people from Zrnovo would go on weekends to spend the day swimming and sunbathing. In the last 30 years ( since 1970′s) Zrnovska Banja became the place where people from Zrnovo started to build their summer houses close to the sea. That’s how Zrnovska Banja slowly became a Korcula suburb with rows of detached houses that has flats and apartments for rental to tourists and visitors.

The Banja has several small beaches and is ideal for swimming and enjoying the sun.

The Banja has a Minimarket and the excellent restaurant Baric